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Personal Growth

Dance is not only an art and a form of leisure but an instrument that promotes personal growth in gradual way. What leads us to start dancing? Each person finds,  their own reason. Some people start for fun, others to remain active, others to socialize, disconnect, learn...without a doubt, dance meets all these expectations.


However, it is much more than what we see; what we get from it, is infinitely greater. ​ While we dance we discover that the reality with which we live the world is a reflection of what we carry get deep inside us. Through dance we overcome the self-limitations, judgments and adversities that uncounciously have benn created.

There is no failure or setback, only evolution and progress. At your pace, in your time, so you can enjoy it and get the best out of yourself. ​


The goal of the day: to be better today than yesterday. Learn, unlearn and improve yourself. Relate to life from the calm of knowing who we are and what we want to achieve. As a Coach, I will accompany you whenever you need it, not only in classes but outside of them.

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