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Indian dances

India has a great diversity of classical and folk dances. However, Bollywood dance has been the most exported and recognized outside the country. The term Bollywood refers to the Indian film industry, which is the largest producer of films in the world. It is a play on words in which the "H" of Hollywood is replaced by the "B" of Bombay, a city where the film industry in India is concentrated. Cheerful, dynamic and colorful, this dance represents stories, generally of love, where there is also an indigenous and representative language of India. It is unique in its kind, being the maximum expression of staging imaginable. Its choreography, costumes, rhythms, color and settings make Bollywood a true festival for the senses.


Indian folk dance is itself a gift to artIndian folk dance is itself a gift to modern art. It carries the connotation of anonymity, collective wisdom, spontaneity and simplicity passed down from generation to generation.
Each state and its regions have different styles of dance and folk music, expressing the nature of their community.

His depth of conception and his directness of expression are of great artistic value.

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